About me

I am a postdoc researcher at Brandeis University in the laboratory of Dr. Piali Sengupta. Our lab studies the structure and function of the neuronal sensory aparatus in the roundworm, C. elegans. This nematode offers a unique system to study sensory biology, owing to its fully-identified cell lineage (consisting of 302 invariant neurons), its place as the only animal with a complete neuronal connectivity map, as well as its powerful genetic toolkit. In my work, I am leveraging these tools to study how sensory biology is modulated by environmental influences, both outside and inside the worm. In particular, I am currently focused on the role of interspecies chemical signals from microbes on sensory biology and behavior in the worm. For more information, navigate to the “research interests” tab.


Cell and Molecular Biology (PhD)

University of Pennsylvania

Biomedical Engineering (BS)

Drexel University

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